Máy làm mát gián tiếp bằng hơi nước Hiệu DHF Model: DHF-AF46BIQ (Loại cố định - 220V)

Model: DHF-AF46BIQ
Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Thông tin sản phẩm


1. Super energy saving, it requires only 1.1kw per hour to cool a 200-300m2 factory.
2. LCD screen, remote and LCD controller Over or lack voltage protection, lack phase protection, water shortage protection. Mannual and self clean function. 
3. 6-pole waterproof copper-wire motor with heavy cast iron cabinet, starting and running smoothly.
4. With Nylon+Fiberglass 6 blade axial fan ensures large airflow, direct air delivery for 20 meters. 
5. With extra thick and firm stainless&galvanized cabinet, ong life duration. 
6. With high quality evaporative filter cooling pad, good effect of evaporating and reducing temperature, easy to clean, edge binding protected and durable.
7. Open-type hard water pipe along with water distribution system ensures spraying water evenly and smoothly.
8. Applicable to engineering environment of single-phase power, side discharge installation, little noise places that need direct wind supply.

Specifications DHF-AF46BIQ